In Soviet Russia minions jungle YOU!

WTF jTime is?

 It’s a program that helps you count jungle minions respawn time.

Is it a cheat?

Absolutely no!  Everybody can use it = everybody is equal.

Is it legal?

Sure! You can type in chat “23.15 drag” and count its respawn time. Or you can buy 100500 clocks and set their timers for each minion kill. Or you can easily use jTime and don’t mess with a bunch of clocks, typing or whatever you guys do.

How I can get it?

Download it here -> jTime_v.2.1.1.rar. And as always: “Have a nice jungle!”

How it works?

  1. Kill jungle minion.
  2. Click its Icon in jTime or press its hotkey to start timer.
  3. Wait for warning signal then go and kill jungle minion again.
  4. ?????
  5. PROFIT!

How it looks?

Screenshot of jTime.

Screenshot of ingame UI.

I’m too retarded and I don’t get it..

Button “Help” – obviously it’s a help page with short annotation.
Button “Reset all timers” – turn all timers off and resets them, sets smite lvl = 1.
Button “Ingame UI” – adds a small table ingame to show you timers (works smoothly with your LoL client windowed or borderless mode. Anyways it affects FPS - sets it about 40-50. To increase FPS you can turn off shadows and vertical sync).
Button “ fix” – you can see it only when your screen resolution height is less then PVP.NET client height (you don’t see the whole client window). Resizes it so you don’t have to do it manually.

Start timers by pressing its icon or hotkey (Pressing Alt is necessary). List of hotkeys below.
Ingame UI – numpad 2
Smite* (shows true dmg per lvl) – numpad + & numpad -

Twisted Treeline:
Dragon* – numpad 8 (warning 15s before spawn)
Red buff* (Lizard) – numpad 5 (15s)
White buff* (Wraith) – numpad 9 (15s)
Green buff(Wolf) – numpad 7 (15s)
Lesser Golems or Lesser Wolfs (Top Left & Right) – numpad 4 & numpad 6
Lesser Wraiths or Pack of lizards (Bot Left & Right) – numpad 1 & numpad 3
Ward* – numpad 0 (1s)
Vision ward* – numpad .(Del) (1s)

Summoners Rift:
Baron Nashor* - numpad 8 (25s)
Dragon* – numpad 5 (25s)
Blue buff* (Lizard) – numpad 6 (15s)
Red buff* (Lizard) – numpad 4 (15s)
Enemy Blue buff* (Wraith) – numpad 9 (25s)
Enemy Red buff*(Wolf) – numpad 7 (25s)
Ward* – numpad 0 (1s)
Vision ward* – numpad .(Del) (1s)

* - have warning signals and are shown in ingame UI. 

I’ve found a bug / want to ask you a question / want to give birth to your child.

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© KuroiAkuma aka SoullessHamster

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