Release notes:

*** v. 2.1.1 ***

- some minor fixes


And as always: "Have a nice jungle!"


v. 2.1 
- added Summoner's Rift map

v. 1.61

- added "PVP.NET fix" button for those who have screen resolution height less then PVP.NET client height. It will resize it so you dont have to do it manually;
- total rework of jTime UI (now looks more LoL-like);

v. 1.51

- added "GUI" button or Alt+Numpad2 to turn on ingame UI (LoL client must be windowed or borderless)
disclamer: "FPS will fall and will be about 40-50 idk how to fix this at the moment" (who knows how to fix it contact me)

v. 1.43
- total rework of application engine (now only 1 file);
- fixes in several timers interval;
- Warning Signals of wards are now announced 1 second before (not 15 as it was);
- added a possibility to turn Off a minion timer (by clicking its icon or pressing hotkey once again);
- added jTime icon =)

v. 1.422
- total rework of map image;
- sound changes;

Release version 1.42.

© KuroiAkuma aka SoullessHamster

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